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Since 1961, Hollywood Lamp & Shade has provided the lamp shade industry with quality shades and is a source for reordering hard to locate manufactured shades.

Founded by Herbert Remstein in Los Angeles, the company struggled against other manufacturers until their quality of product was noted by leading hotels, as well as their customer service and quick turn around. Coming on board in 1978 Fred Nadal added his own expertise and knowledge to the company making it one of the best in the industry. With their expanding knowledge of materials and product scheduling, Fred & Herb have made Hollywood Lamp & Shade Co. a leading shade manufacturer in the lighting industry.

Hollywood Lamp & Shade maintains the traditional age old practice of hand cutting, assembling and sewing modern shades. Each individual shade is carefully handled utilizing new and standard fabric and material from current markets. Your shades are artistically designed and set to your specified dimensions.

Maintaining Traditional Methods

Ulitizing new and standard fabrics & materials from current markets, Hollywood maintains the practice of hand cutting, assembling and sewing modern shades in the age old traditional method - each shade is carefully handled. Your shades are artistically designed and set to your specificed dimensions.

We Inspect Every Detail
We Inspect Every Detail
Maintaining Traditional Methods

With over three generations of expertise, Hollywood lamp and shade is the premiere choice in the hotel, restaurant and design industry for lighting and lampshade needs. No detail is overlooked because it is important to us that you get what you order. Our Promise. Our Thanks. Fred Nadal

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We are still the only manufacturer that does all the work in house. From forming the wire frames to cutting and assembling, we are proud to have our products made in the USA. We insist on quality because you deserve quality.

We Inspect Every Detail

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